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Trikes can carry more cargo, like these Greenspeeds.


Anura Trike from Greenspeed
Imported from Australia
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Specifically designed as a high quality, user friendly, recreational trike for older and handicapped riders, who are unable to get up and down from low trikes, and for people who would like to ride higher in traffic. This trike can be parked vertically, requiring very little floor space.


Glyde Trike Velomobile from Greenspeed
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Designed to be the best human-powered vehicle possible. That could only be achieved by designers having all the experience gained from nearly 18 years of building high quality trikes. We may one of the first shops in North America to carry the Glyde.


Kettwiesel Recumbent Hand-bike from Hase
Imported from Germany
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Kettwiesel Recumbent standard pedal trike from Hase
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Ideal for wheelchair riders who enjoy speed and being on the move. The Kettwiesel has secure traction even on slippery ground, due to back wheel propulsion. Also, it has very reliable braking, with little effort, due to the powerful hydraulic disk brakes.


Lepus Trike from Hase
Imported from Germany
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A high-end, delta-style workhorse with rear suspension and astonishingly efficient German engineering.

Scorpion / Scorpion fx / Scorpion fs

Scorpion fx
Trike from HP Velotechnik
Imported from Germany

Scorpion fx in storage position
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The foldable Scorpion fx recumbent offers plush suspension and adjustable BodyLink seat to assure relaxing comfort. It can be rolled through a standard doorway. With the seat removed and rear wheel folded to the front, it can be folded to: 103x83x69 cm tilted to the front, or 77x83x97 cm tilted to the rear.

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