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Client Bike Photos

Here are some of our clients photos and their bikes.

Weehoo iGo

Eric’ sons
“The trailer is working out real well. I am taking both of them out now.” - Eric


Phillip and Ruth
“Here is yet another wonderful feature of the Hase Pino. The stoker can drink a nice French wine while bicycling! (Okay, we wore helmets, and did not drink wine when we were actually bicycling.) Ruth and I are next to the barge on our barge-bike trip. The Pino performed flawlessly during our 7-day trip.” - Phillip

HP Velotechnik Scorpion fx

Terry B

TerraTrike Zoomer

Terry M

Hase Pino

Barb and Dana

HP Velotechnik Scorpion fx

John C
“In 2004, I fractured my right clavicle, which did not heal, and resulted in a risky surgery to my shoulder. In 2006, I ruptured a disk in my lower spine, and had surgery to repair the disk. At the time of the surgery, I was told that I had an usually aggressive case of degenerative back disease. In 2007, it was further determined that two disks in my upper back were rapidly degenerating.

“At that time, my surgeon and family doctor told me that I should never ride a bicycle again, but that it was critical for me to exercise regularly to maintain flexibility and to keep weight down. I tried swimming, but I'd rather exercise outdoors. I wanted to bike and was attracted to the Scorpion FX.

“In March 2011, my doctor was reluctant to allow me to ride a bike, but after reading about this bike - as a cyclist himself - he quickly understood the benefits, and changed his mind.

“I have now had my Scorpion for two months, and enjoy riding it more every time I get on it. It is extremely comfortable. My body is completely relaxed while riding. All of the pressure on my spine is relieved.

“The Scorpion is very well engineered. The ergonomic seat is so well designed that it feels as though it's massaging my back as I ride. While painful and damaging to my spine on a regular bike, the road jolts are smoothed out. I can ride it anywhere because it is so well-geared.

“The Scorpion reduces the risk of falling, does not aggravate my back condition, gives me the opportunity to exercise regularly, and is a lot of fun to ride. I must have a large grin on my face while riding because many smile at me as I go by.” - John C

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