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We are authorized to sell BionX.

Electric Motor Kits from BionX
Made in Canada

The BionX system is intuitive. It supports you with additional power that is proportional to the power that you apply to the pedal. The harder you pedal, the more support you get; when you ease off the pedal, you receive correspondingly less support. When you stop pedalling, the system also stops delivering assistance. Every single step on the pedal is analyzed individually by the control processor. Your power is balanced, so you can fully enjoy your trip.

G1 Motor
The classic BionX rear-wheel motor with integrated power measurement. Utilizes a brushless DC rear-wheel motor-generator.

SL Motor
A new BionX development with significant weight reduction: 25 percent lighter with the same performance characteristics as their G1 motor.

IGH3 Motor
BionX is the only manufacturer to have integrated the rear-wheel motor and gear hub. By bringing together the best of both worlds, BionX lets you enjoy the best performance with no maintenance – there’s no better way to ride an e-bike.

S Battery
A small, light and compact BionX battery. Can be used for downtube application on ladies’ frames as well as with sloping top tube frames.

M Battery
The all-round battery for city, touring or commuting. Ideally balanced for classic downtube application.

HT L Battery
Our best seller for downtube application with a maximum of energy. Ideal for travelling, touring and off-road experiences.

G2 Console
Ergonomic and removable G2 console with multi-functional computer, easy to read display and flexible choice for left and right hand use.

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